Tuesday, September 18, 2001

Song Meanings: Revolution Revolución (2001)

01. God Save Us
Dave: Cris writes very weird lyrics and very cool lyrics I think. I think hes very deep in what he writes has a lot of meaning. And I think he writes with a meaning where everyone gets their own, kind of like, you know, a lot of bands write songs and theyre very very clear. He writes songs kind of in an obscure way where he wants people to have their own interpretation of what it is. Its about resisting. To him its probably a different thing when he wrote it. For a lot of people that ask who like the song its a different meaning.

12. Revolution Revolución
Dave: We're pissed off about personal situations that have happened to all of us. (...) Revolution has nothing to do with anything political. Revolution is about your own personal revolution: Don't let somebody steer you the wrong way; don't let somebody grab you, somebody move you.

13. With You
Cristian: We include elements of all the music that we love. We're such a heavy band that we want people to say, "I didn't think they would like mellow, emotional type music" but we do. A lot of Latin music is very soft, very emotional. Latin people are very romantic and they are very in touch with their feelings, whether they're mad or pissed or in love or if they like you they're going to be your friend for life.

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