Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Song Meanings: Confession (2003)

01. Te Amo...I Hate You
Te Amo...I Hate You is the result of the years of touring Ill Niño did after the release of Revolution Revolución. When the band returned to the US, they learned people they considered friends weren't and vice versa. Ill Niño found out the hard way some people aren't as honest as they seem. The words said in the faces of the band members didn't match up to what these so-called friends spread behind their backs.

02. How Can I Live
This song is about growing up without a father. A father you only know from photos. Cristian and his father are both musicians, make the same mistakes and have the same personality. Cristian never met his father.

03. Two (Vaya Con Dios)
Cristian: About two bandmembers who parted ways with the band. This song is my response to their departure. Two people I thought that were friends, left us. I can only say to Marc and Roger: "May God be with you."

04. Unframed
Christian was born in Brasil, but raised in Venezuela. In 1986 he came to the US. So far so good. But in his teens he found out the man he thought to be his father, was actually his stepfather. His mum had kept this from him. His real dad was still living in Brasil. For a while his mum didn't tell Christian the whereabouts of his dad until on one day his father phoned him. But Christian, being a 19-year old immature boy, told the man who gave him life he didn't want to meet him. Until now Christian only stays in touch with his dad by phone and email, but his wish is to play in Brasil and meet his dad with the members of Ill Nino.

06. This Time's For Real
This Time's For Real is basically a song about being at a point in your life where you feel this might be the first time in your life you have something that means something. But then asking yourself two minutes later the question 'Is there anything I ever fucking wanted? Is there anything that I needed?' That's what the lyrics say. That's pretty much what it is. It's just about being fed up with all the wrong and fucked up things that can go in a relationship.

08. Numb
Cristian: This song is about a bitch that messed up my life. It's about a groupie I fell in love with. It's been a big mistake to fall in love with her, she was the wrong person to fall in love with. I've been trapped.

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