Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Song Meanings: One Nation Underground (2005)

Cristian: The one message that I would think that the music is definitely trying to portray is in the song ‘La Liberacion Of Our Awakening’, there’s a small part that says, “…with open eyes we stare into our enslavement” and that’s pretty much what I think we are all doing. You know, to me I’m lucky to have music and to kind of have that release or at least that attempt at trying to get through to the youth of the world because I really think that the youth of the world is in charge of where we are going to be 50 years from now. So that was pretty much my attempt at perhaps making people open their eyes and realize that we are all being led down the same path and it really just depends on what country you live in. But, the overall intention of it is just, I would just take that phrase, “with open eyes we stare into our enslavement.”

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