Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Album Story: The Best Of (2006)

The Best of Ill Niño: "Roadrunner is pulling together the finest tracks from some of our greatest artists to bring you 4 stunning 'Best Of's' this September." These four artists are Sepultura, Type O Negative, Fear Factory and Ill Niño. This album was Ill Niño's final album on Roadrunner Records, after requesting to be released from their contract. The album features 13 tracks from their three releases under the label: 5 songs of 2001's Revolution Revolución, 4 of 2003's Confession and 4 of 2005's One Nation Underground. It was not released in Europe.

Parting ways with Roadrunner: On June 15, 2006, it was announced that Ill Niño had parted ways with Roadrunner Records. The band stated on their official website: "3 months after the release of O.N.U., we felt we weren't getting the proper attention and support from Roadrunner that we had gotten on the past 2 releases. Since Ill Niño was no longer a priority at Roadrunner, Ill Niño's management negotiated with Roadrunner so they could be released from the recording contract, and Ill Niño was released." Nine days later they had inked a new deal with "Cement Shoes Records". the brainchild of Dan Catullo who is the founder of Coming Home Studios (Godsmack, Rush, Marylin Manson, Matchbox 20, Usher).

The band's reaction: According to Cristian Machado it was Roadrunner's decision to release a Best Of collection; "Sure ILL NINO has had some hits, and yes, all of the songs on that release are awesome, but that compilation of already released songs is a slick label attempt at raking in some extra cash in exchange for the unconditional release of the band. I am very thankful for Roadrunner's involvement with ILL NINO and by no means do I want to dwell on the past. But, the truth is ILL NINO has so much more to offer than a "Best of..." after only 3 full lengths. This is why we are so motivated to capture the ears of the world with our next full length."

Criticism: The album was very much criticized by Ill Niño fans on the Internet, calling Roadrunner "money hungry bastards", calling it not necessary to release a Best Of album after just three albums and criticizing the lack of bonus content (no rare tracks, cover songs or a bonus dvd). On the other hand, fans stated that this is a good album for new fans to start with.

• Passages of Album Reviews
"With only three albums under their belt (the group formed in 2001), Latin alternative metal collective Ill Niño don't really need a "greatest-hits" collection, but the masterfully titled 13-track Best of Ill Niño dutifully compiles some of the New Jersey-based rockers' better tracks on a single disc. Highlights from their debut ("If You Still Hate Me"), 2003's... More Confession ("How Can I Live"), and 2005's One Nation Underground ("This Is War") represent the group in all of its space/rap/emo/thrash metal glory, but the exclusion of fan favorites like "All the Right Words," "De la Vida," and "My Pleasant Torture" keep this collection from sounding like anything but a contractual commitment to Roadrunner.
- James Christopher Monger (All Music Guide)

"Ill Nino have a Best Of... collection coming out. Once again, we have Roadrunner Records to thank for this. The band has 3 major label releases, and none of them are anywhere near as good as their self-titled independent release. The band won over myself and several others I know with their excellent cover of Pantera's "Five Minutes Alone". That isn't even on the release; it's literally some completely random selections from the band's Roadrunner years. Whoever honestly thought the world needs The Best of Ill Nino should seriously seek counseling for their deep-seeded hatred of the human race."
- Lord Faust (Hermitage Media)

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