Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Song Meanings: The Undercover Sessions (2006)

01. Arrastra
Cristian: The leading inspiration for the lyrics to "Arrastra" stems from a story about the human obsession with identity deception. When your personal appearance is the driving force behind your success and your happiness, realistically, you are only chipping away at your real personality - basically just letting your looks pave the way for your decisions - making believe that you are someone who you are really not just to gain some type of elitist respect.

"In music today, and even in everyday life, appearance has become way too fucking cliche. I have always been one to speak out against stereotyping people of any kind. Especially when it is used to draw the lines between genres of music. Having cool threads is very gratifying, stereotyping fashion and dialect in music is ridiculous. It seems that in order to be "cool" in one particular scene, you have to loose your true self and adopt styles, fashions, even beliefs, that are typical to that click or scene.

I think it's bullshit. I feel a lot of people today are really loosing that spec of true identity by getting so caught up in the act of it all. I don't even know if anyone cares about individuality anymore. And since individuality is the essence of freedom, comformity must be the essence of enslavement."

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