Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why Enigma was pulled from digital music outlets

According to this entry on Wikipedia, Cement Shoes Records did not pay the Engineers and Editors of Ill Niño's fourth album 'Enigma' for their work. Subsequently, 'Enigma' was permanently pulled from the iTunes music store and other digital music outlets.

Ill Niño parted ways with Cement Shoes Records earlier this year and is currently looking at a couple of labels. Other artists who were initially signed to the label include Godhead, The Dreaming, and Ra. Godhead parted ways with CSR in late 2007 and signed with Driven Music Group in June 2009. The band will be releasing their new album 'At the Edge of the World' on October 7. The Dreaming left CSR and went on to release their first full length album, “Etched In Blood” on their self-created label “Dream Corpse Records”. Ra released their album 'Black Sun' on their own imprint label with Universal named Sahaja Music Recordings, after leaving CSR in early 2008.


  1. "Most of the engineers and editors that worked on the album have still not been paid and have taken legal action against Ill Niño and Cement Shoes Records."


  2. I remember a couple of the employees complained about not being payed. That really sucks for Ill Nino, it's like they wasted 2-3 years.

    I still haven't purchased Enigma because I haven't seen it on a store, hopefully when they start touring again they will have it for sale.

    I bought the undercover sessions and the quality is pretty bad. I thought it was my CD player at first, then I read a couple of negative reviews with the same problem. I wonder if Enigma has the same problems.

  3. I didn't think the quality of the undercover sessions was that bad.. the volume's just a little low, I guess?

  4. Wow, see that I didn't know. I just figured it was taken off as the label no longer existed. I hope for the sake of the fans who never got a chance to buy the album that it's re-released when they sign to a new label under said label. Seeing as to how some people never even got paid for their work on the album, I doubt it, but I hope so.

  5. As for 'The Under Cover Sessions', yeah the CD audio sounds extremely low, I actually bought it on iTunes, when they still had it on sale, even though I have the CD because the sound on the iTunes version was louder, clearer, and just better quality, than on the actual disc.

  6. it took them so long to release enigma, got pushed back time and time again, then when it finally came out it sucked anyway, and csr and ill nino still managed to fuck up by not paying people that worked on it..